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BioJwls measured energetic quality

Frank Silvis (1957) is originally a scientist with a great interest in everything to do with water. He studied civil engineering in Delft, specializing in hydraulic engineering and hydrology, and graduated from the Gorkum canal lock. After that he worked for more than 25 years successively at Grondmechanica Delft, now part of Deltares (projects done in the field of river water, seawater and groundwater), at BDG Architecten Engineers in Zwolle camera file 1 037 (cooling water Eemscentrale, firefighting water AviTwente and sewage water) and finally as head of the engineering firm and regional director for Friesland and Overijssel at drinking water company Vitens (drinking water).

 Frank once heard someone talk about his drinking water at home and the level of its Bovis value. Despite his water background, he had never heard of it. He immersed himself in how he could measure the Bovis value with a biometer and a pendulum himself, and soon discovered that he has the gift of measuring water energetically and also detecting all kinds of radiation. This field is called Radiesthesia. A new exciting world opened up for him.

 Radiesthesia is the perception of radiation. It is an ancient science of experience, which assumes that the world has an outside and an inside. The outside is the objectively measurable reality and the field of the exact sciences. The inside is the subjective human experience and includes the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. According to traditional Chinese and Indian cultures, these two worlds are linked by a complex system of subtle energies referred to as "life energy."

Frank Silvis measured the BioJwls jewelry, to measure their energetic quality. Five energetic parameters were used, determined by the radiesthesia method:

  1. The Bovis value, the biophysical energy content
  2. The Positivity of this Bovis value
  3. The Intention of the Producers
  4. The Presence of Negative Information in the BIOJWLS
  5. The Electromagnetic Pollution in the BIOJWLS

 One earring (small) and two medallions were measured:


 The first parameter has been measured on the scale of Bovis. The other four parameters are measured on a scale from 0 to 10. Parameter 2 and 3 should be as close to 10 as possible. Parameter 4 and 5 should be as close to 0 as possible.

Also, Frank Silvis measured a medallion after 5 months of being intensely worn, as can be seen in the table below.

You can still see excellent energetic properties of the intensely worn pendant. An equal dark green pendant had been measured November 10 and it had a Bovis value of 438,000. The Bovis values appear to have increased. This can be explained by the way the jewels are manufactured and the specific way they are programmed, according to Frank Silvis.



 As can be seen in the chart, BioJwls belong to the section ‘cosmic realm’ in terms of the Bovis values.




Mr. Bovis

Alfred (Antoine) Bovis (1871-1947) noticed a difference in the energy levels that surrounded the great pyramids, while he was travelling through Egypt in the 1930s. Bovis was a French physicist and archaeologist. So naturally, he became focused on devising a method to measure what he called the Life Force Index. This index was generated by places, people, animals, plants and food.

He was invested in finding out what places, food, things, etc. contribute to humans’ vitality. The outcome of his effort became known as the Bovis meter or Bovis scale.

Bovis was also a contemporary of Einstein. They both lived in an era when the whole issue of relationship between matter and energy came to a head with Einstein's famous equation. At that time it became fair game to talk about energy transforming itself into matter as well as matter changing itself into energy. The notion that matter constantly emanated a subtle energy was no longer a joke. Scientific measurement of that subtle energy had to wait a while longer until the appropriate scientific equipment became available to prove the hypothesis. Such equipment is not available to all of us whereas the Bovis method and scale continues to be a simple worthwhile approach.

Bovis values ​​are based on the fact that all matter vibrates, radiates a certain energy. Physically speaking, the Bovis value is the biophysical energy content. The Bovis value is used, for example, to measure the quality of the products to indicate biodynamic agriculture. The higher the Bovis value, the better the energetic quality and the more nutrition people get from it. In popular parlance, the Bovis value is a measure of the life energy, a measure of the vitality of something.

Why do you benefit from wearing BioJwls?

BioJwls jewelry is, according to the Bovis chart, extremely energetic. This is beneficial for you in terms of your (mental) health and energy levels. If your Bovis value is higher, you will feel fitter and you will be more resistant to disease. You feel better both physically and mentally.

Wearing BioJwls is a way to make your Bovis value higher. Frank Silvis shares the experience his wife had with wearing BioJwls, and results of his measurements:

‘Whatever my wife wears, earrings, pendant or bracelet in all cases, her Bovis value increases by a number slightly higher than the Bovis value of the piece of jewelry she is wearing. Life is therefore extra strengthened in combination with a person. Her aura is also getting bigger. Originally, it is 1.65 m. (diameter 3.30 m). Depending on what she wears, this increases in size from 1.90 to 2.20 m.’

‘She wore the earrings while working in the garden on Monday and Tuesday. She noticed that she clearly felt less tired.’

BioJwls, jewelry that gives you energy.

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